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P & L are fully compliant with all health and safety requirements and we supply complete safety files upon request from our customers for each project. Rigging safety is a critical part of shipyard and construction employment, used to lift heavy materials to heights with cranes and other devices. Riggers also act as signalman. Improper rigging of a load or a rigging failure can expose riggers and other workers nearby to a variety of potential hazards.

Annually about 50 riggers are killed when loads have slipped from the rigging, or when the rigging has failed. To protect workers against accident, P&L has a series of strict rigging requirements. These requirements call for you to maintain rigging equipment, properly train employees and more. By cutting down on accidents through an effective program, our company can not only improve its profitability, but remove the risk for a costly OSHA fine or


At P&L we want to know how our vehicles are being handled, where they have traveled to, if they are being abused, and ensure that our drivers are arriving on time at our customers. Our unique Vehicle Tracking System allows us to monitor our fleet in real-time, giving both us and our clients the information needed to make better decisions in fleet management. Securing our vehicles is critical to our business, and each vehicle needs to be fitted with a GPS tracking device.

As a fellow business owner we want to know how our fleet is being handled and where our drivers travel. Replacing or a van or truck can be costly and often means one less vehicle is available for our customer. P&L’s prides its self with our vehicle tracking solution which offers accurate time keeping of our fleet’s movements for each vehicle via the use of a vehicle tracker.


P & L have a in-house planning department which deals with all abnormal transport and rigging risk assessments, methodology, lifting diagrams and route surveys to ensure all aspects of the project are taken into account. All abnormal loads have certified permits and qualified escorts. We make use of safe lifting methodology software to accurately calculate lifting .


We take safety, health, environment and quality very seriously. Compliance to legislation, global standards and our value of “caring for people” means that we do not compromise on safety. We strive to ensure that our people are always safe by applying sound safety management principles and operating procedures. This combined with knowledge and accountability of safety issues ensures that our people know what to do to prevent accidents, or in the event of an unforeseeable incident, know how to react.

By minimising hazards or potential hazards in our business, we are able to ensure the health of our people. This is achieved through training and stringent operating practices, which adhere to environmental and legislative requirements.